1. Booking
For the convenience of clients, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. offers several ways of making a firm booking: by submitting a completed booking card or form by post, or by faxing or e-mailing us using the booking form on our website www.heliskicervinia.com . Any of these methods constitutes the offer of a contract on the client's part and when the offer is accepted by Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. the contract becomes binding on both parties. If the booking is for more than one participant, the client who makes the booking is reponsible for the obligations of all the others as well as for his/her own. Either on completion of the contract or promptly thereafter the client will receive written confirmation from Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. of the package that has been booked together with any details that have not already been supplied as part of any advance information. Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. would be grateful if bookings could be made as early as possible to facilitate the allocation of hotel rooms.

2. Payment
On conclusion of the contract for the package, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. will issue a Confirmation of Booking to the client together with an invoice for the full price of the package. On receipt of the invoice 10% of the specified price is payable immediately and the remainder, in the case of packages with Alpine venues, not less than 30 days prior to the departure date. At the time of the booking Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. will issue to each participant a Guarantee Certificate as required under Italian law.

3. Package price
Prices quoted are per person and cover all the items listed in our published description of the relevant package. However, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. reserves the right to make later adjustments to prices in order to cover any unforeseen additional costs such as aviation fuel surcharges and extra helicopter flights.

4. Rules governing participation
Any legally responsible person is welcome to participate in Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. heli-skiing and freeriding packages provided that he/she is in good health, is adequately skilled and has the right clothing and equipment for meeting the demands of the activity as described in our information material. Whether at the start of or during the course of the tour, if the qualified mountain guide engaged by Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. judges that a participant clearly does not fulfil these pre-conditions, he/she may exclude the participant wholly or partly from the scheduled activities. If this results in a saving for Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. in payments due to third parties, the saving will be passed on to the participant. Up to the day when the package begins, a participant can ask that another person should take his/her place as long as this person fulfils the pre-conditions and there are no legal or regulatory provisions to the contrary. The original participant remains the opposite party to the contract but Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. transfers the original participant's rights (including the right to services and the substitution rights conveyed under the contract) to the new participant. If the original participant arranges for the substitute participant to become a joint party to the contract, both the original and the substitute participant become jointly responsible for any additional costs that arise from the presence of the substitute participant.

5. Number of participants per group
The minimum and maximum number of participants varies from package to package depending on the challenges involved and the corresponding nature of the tour. The attention of clients is drawn to the numbers specified in Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. printed information and on its website. For example, 'TN: min-max. 6-8 persons means that if the minimum number of 6 participants is achieved, the tour can take place: however, that there cannot be more than 8 participants per mountain guide. Until the minimum number of bookings has been arrived at, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. reserves the right to cancel a tour any time up to four weeks before it is due to begin. Notice of cancellation may be given in writing, by telephone or person to person. Any payments already made will be refunded to participants at once and in full. If Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. makes use of its right to cancel a tour but the prospective participants still wish the journey to the resort, the planned activities and/or the functions of the guide to be maintained, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. will put together a new package accordingly, though this can only be done at a new price which will be communicated by Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. to the prosective participants. If they accept the new price, this will constitute a new contract on the basis of which the new package will be put into opeartion.

6. Cancellation by participants
Clients may cancel their participation in a package at any time before it is due to begin. In their own interest – to be able to prove that they have done so – they should make or confirm the cancellation in writing. The cancellation becomes valid only on the day that it reaches Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L.. In the event of a cancellation, instead of a precise calculation of costs Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. can accept the following percentages of the total net cost of the package – the net cost being the full quoted price less any reduction or waiver of charges that Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. is able to secure from third parties (credits for unused hotel facilities, commission for agency services, ski passes, flight tickets etc.). For skiing and heli-skiing tours the reduced amount payable to Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. will be: Not less than 60 days prior to the start of the tour: 10% of the net price Not less than 30 days prior to the start of the tour: 50% of the net price Not less than 10 days prior to the start of the tour: 75% of the net price Thereafter: 90% of the net price

7. Liability and insurance
Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. accepts liability under the terms of its existing Mountain School Liability Insurance for any injury to persons, damage to property or financial loss that is occasioned by irresponsible or grossly irresponsible conduct on its own part or that of any persons to whom it entrusts the duties of a tour or mountain guide. Apart from these specified liabilities, any person participating in a tour does so entirely at his/her own risk. At any time the person acting as guide may alter the planned tour to match the participants' level of experience or their degree of fitness and technical ability, or in the light of unforeseen circumstances (see also paragraphs 3 and 9).

8. Documentation and health requirements
Each participant is personally responsible for his/her own compliance with passport, visa, customs, currency and health regulations. Certain packages include the assistance of Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. in obtaining a visa but other tours require participants to obtain visas for themselves.

9. Cancellation of the contract in exceptional circumstances
If a tour or activity is rendered impracticable, significantly jeopardised or even threatened with danger due to exceptional circumstances (eg. war, riot, epidemic, disruption to flights, strikes and natural catastrophe), either party will be entitled to cancel or withdraw from the contract. In this case appropriate compensation in line with the financial value will be paid by the client to Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. for the services that have already been rendered or are still due to be rendered. Any additional costs for returning the client home or whatever are to be borne 50% by the client and 50% by Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. Further claims are not permissible. If for its part Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. is able to cancel its contracts with other parties who were due to provide goods and services (hotels, proprietors of huts, agents, foreign representatives, issuers of ski passes and flight tickets etc.) it will of course refund the residue of the price already paid by the client, less a handling charge (likely to amount to at least 10% of the tour price).

10. Amendments to sevices and prices
The prices quoted in Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. programme of tours and other advance information are, to the best of Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. knowledge, correct at the time of going to press/announcement on the website. However, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. reserves the right to make later adjustments to prices in order to cover any unforseen additional costs such as aviation fuel surcharges. As soon as Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. obtains an explanation of the factors leading to any increase in price it will pass on this information to participants. This will be not later than the 21st day prior to departure.

11. Equipment loaned to participants
The cost of repairing any damage to loaned equipment, other than normal wear and tear, is to be borne by the borrower. The borrower must also replace any lost items. If Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. ABS rucksacks are used in activities, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. is entitled to charge for any inadvertent releases and if test skis are employed, Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for accidents with any equipment (skis, bindings etc.) that it makes freely available on loan.

12. Tour organiser
The tour organiser is Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. under the management of State Certificated Mountain and Skiing Guides. All tours are prepared with due care and attention, However Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. can give no guarantee that mountain summits or any other subjective measure of success will be attained. Heliski Cervinia  Evolution S.R.L. does all it can to try to ensure partiticipants' safety but there is always a remaining element of risk. After Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. has completed the advance planning as well as possible, the Mountain Guide or Pending Mountain Guide on the spot then reaches a judgement about the feasibility of the route and the prevailing conditions as well as about the strength and fitness of each participant. But even after this, every tour is exposed to the dangers that are always present in mountains, for instance to objective dangers such avalanches, falling rock or ice and the effects of rapid and unforseeable changes of weather. There are also subjective influences such as sudden mental exhaustion among members of the group. Despite the best efforts of Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. it is not possible to exclude every danger from undertakings of this sort.

13. Place of jurisdiction
Legal action by clients or participants against Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L. may be taken only under the Law of Italy.

14. Invalidity
If any of the above paragraphs is not legally valid the actual provisions of the Law in relation to the matter concerned will apply.

Heliski Cervinia Evolution S.R.L.